Carnegie Mellon University
PhD Electrical And Computer Engineering | 2022 (Expected)
Thesis: Planning and Modeling for Autonomous Microrover Exploration of Planetary Pits
Georgia Institute of Technology
MS Electrical and Computer Engineering | 2016
Georgia Institute of Technology
BS Computer Engineering | 2015
GPA: 4.0
United States Department of Energy
Nuclear Robotics NDT Researcher | 2018-2019
General Motors Research And Development
Autonomous Vehicles Researcher | 2016-2018
Broadcom Inc.
Hardware Engineering Intern | 2016
Computer Architecture Intern | 2014, 2015
Select Publications

Lunar Pit Exploration and Mapping via Autonomous Micro-Rover
J Ford, K Sharif, H Jones, W Whittaker, IEEE Aerospace Conference (AeroConf), 2021

High Performance Computing for Autonomous Planetary Exploration
K Sharif, J Ford, R Whittaker, U Wong, IEEE 8th International Conference on Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology (SMC-IT), 2021

Technologies Enabling the Exploration of Lunar Pits
J Ford, H Jones, K Sharif, R Whittaker, International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space (ISAIRAS), 2020

Image and LIDAR Dataset of the West Desert Sinkhole: An Analog for Steep-Walled Planetary Pits
J Ford, PJ Callaghan, UY Wong, HL Jones, WC Whittaker, WL Whittaker, International Planetary Caves Conference, 2020

Robotic Measurement of Holdup Deposit Volume in Gaseous Diffusion Piping to Quantify U-235 Content
L Papincak, H Jones, M Hanczor, W Whittaker, J Teza, D Kohanbash, S Maley, D Arnett, A Tallaksen, A Duncan, I Lantadilla, R O'Keefe, J Ford, W Whittaker, Waste Management Symposia, 2018