May 10, 2021

Engineer(ed) Art

Engineered Art

My lab is developing small autonomous rovers to explore and map the Moon. Our latest rover prototype is a beautiful work of aluminum and carbon fiber art, as well as an amazing piece of mechanical engineering. I can't claim any credit for the mechanical design, but dang it's pretty. I love those billet aluminum wheels.

This prototype is a test article for MoonRanger—an 18kg rover that will autonomously search the Moon's south pole for signs of ice. It will be used to test the shake and vibration-resistance of the MoonRanger chassis.

Engineer Art

For fun, I designed a poster for MoonRanger's mission to the lunar south pole, inspired by old US national park posters like this, this, and this. I didn't quite match the aesthetic, but it looks great hanging above my fireplace.

View the poster in higher resolution here.