CMU Printer Setup

My lab is in Newell-Simon Hall (NSH), one of the robotics buildings at CMU. Since robotics is a subset of the CS department at CMU, you can’t legally print to the NSH printers without an expensive ($200/mo?) CS computing account.

Because of this, our lab has its own printer. If you work in my lab, you can set up to print to it with the following process:


  1. Open a browser window.
  2. Type in the address bar to open the CUPS web interface. If you are on a Mac, you might need to execute “cupsctl WebInterface=yes” in a terminal.
  3. Click “Adding Printers and Classes”
  4. Click “Add Printer”
  5. Select “LPD/LPR Host or Printer”
  6. Enter the address of the printer. For our lab, this is “lpd://”.
  7. Select Manufacturer: “Generic” and Model: “Generic PostScript Printer”.
  8. Select two-sided print as the default.
  9. In “Set Default Options”, set the status of the duplexer as “Installed”.


  1. Download the driver from HP, and follow the instructions to install.
  2. When prompted, use the printer’s IP address ( to find the correct device.

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