I'm Jordan Ford.

This is my home page. I'm a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University with interests in robotics, computer vision, graphics, geometry (and more!). Contact me at jsford94@gmail.com.

I'm working on Lunar Rovers.

I'm writing the autonomy and photogrammetry software to power rover exploration of a lunar pit. My work spans stereo perception, behavior and path planning, image acquisition, and HDR photogrammetry.

Previously, I've programmed autonomous cars and built nuclear inspection robots.

I've written motion planning algorithms for GM's autonomous cars and built nuclear pipe inspection robots for the Department of Defense. Prior to that, I interned at Broadcom and NVidia while I earned a BS and an MS in Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. At Broadcom I built an FPGA demo platform for a 2-wire ethernet camera. At NVidia I instrumented a small piece of the GPU simulator and presented tweaks to improve througphput. For my senior design project at GT, I invented a baritone-playing robot using a high-speed air valve of my own design!

In case you can't tell...

I'm not a web programmer. I've tried to make this site simple, fast, and visually interesting. If you have suggestions for improvements, send them my way!