Zen and the Art of Jeep Maintenance

This page is a reference for me to use when I find myself working on my 2013 Jeep Sahara in 10° weather. For whatever reason, I find myself doing a lot of work on the Jeep in parking lots, Sonic drive-ins (free drink refills!), the street, the trail, or my dad’s garage. This list will grow over time - I may eventually get around to documenting all the work we (my dad and I) have already done on the Jeep.

Windshield Wipers

My jeep uses two 15” wipers. This one’s super easy.

Oil Change

I inevitably have to change the oil on my jeep in freezing temperatures with poor access to tools. Thankfully, the jeep is tall enough that I don’t need a jack, but getting under it is still a pain. This way I won’t have to guess.


  1. 1/2” socket - To open the access hatch on the skid plate. Your jeep won’t have this unless you’ve added the same skid plate I have. A wrench won’t work for this bolt because the conical washer that protects the bolt also prevents access to the sides of the bolt head.
  2. 13mm socket or wrench - For the oil plug.
  3. 24mm socket or wrench - To open the oil filter cover.
  4. Socket wrench
  5. Oil Catch Basin (or a bucket)
  6. Oil Funnel


  1. Oil Filter - Mopar #68079744AA, Fram CH10955, or equivalent.
  2. 6QT 5W-20 Synthetic Oil
  3. Paper Towels