Blogs I Admire

Daniel Lemire is a professor at the University of Quebec. He writes REALLY fast code using all kinds of interesting tricks, mostly SIMD witchcraft.

Casey Muratori is a game developer possibly best known for his livestream Handmade Hero, in which he programs an awesome video game while narrating his progress in realtime.

Matt Pharr is a graphics researcher who co-wrote Physically Based Rendering, the first book to win an academy award! His blog is relatively new, but so far I’ve really enjoyed his series on the development of a new compiler during his time at Intel.

Paul Graham’s essays are super interesting. He’s a dotcom millionaire who now runs a silicon valley startup incubator called Y Combinator, and evidently he has nothing better to do than write cool philosophical essays.

Charles Guan builds combat robots and works on crappy vantrucks from the 80’s. His build logs are really detailed, and his narrative style is fun to read.

The Browser is an aggregator of interesting articles from around the web. They select articles that are well written and (usually) engaging. I like it because I end up reading long-form content that I otherwise wouldn’t, and a lot of the perspectives are different from what I typically encounter.